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“When The Winter Comes” – Neslužbena hip-hop pjesma posvećena Igri prijestolja

“When The Winter Comes” – Neslužbena hip-hop pjesma posvećena Igri prijestolja

Nerijetko volimo prekinuti program standardnih klasičnih vijesti povremenim zabavnim fan-uratkom ili nekom drugom zanimljivošću, a ovaj video je jedan od najzabavnijih i najzanimljivijih takvih. Adam WarRock napravio je odličnu glazbenu posvetu Igri prijestolja u obliku neslužbene himne posvećene glavnim igračima Igre, inspirirane motivirajućim riječima Syria Forela – “Što kažemo smrti? Ne danas.”

Čak i ako ne volite rap / hip-hop kao glazbeni žanr, ovo je prilično kul.


Isti autor snimio je nekoliko različitih pjesama posvećenim drugim Serijala certified fresh serijama. Firefly




…i Parks and Recreation:


Nadopuna: Na preporuku Underdarka iz komentara, evo i domaće Game of Thrones pjesme – irski folk pomiješan s punkom? Što god da je, prilično je dobro – autori su zagrebački bend Paddy’s Allstars:


Riječi Game of Thrones pjesme u nastavku:


You either win or you die
That’s the price of the game
And we only pray to death
By saying “Not today”
See the blade that I wield, that’s valyrian steel
See the horse that i rode, see the banner I hold, oh

You either win or you die,
That’s the price of the game
And we only pray to death by saying “Not Today”
See the throne that I sit, see my family tree
Because they say the winter’s coming,
this is how it has to be….
In the game..

Verse 1:
Five children, scions of the frosty bite
Dire wolves that hunt in the dead of the night
House of Stark, Winterfell, now the winter’s come
King in the North, bow down, now a war is on

They ride Southwards, father’s hand of the king
And bards sing great songs, about his honor
Though he sired a bastard, who now guards the wall from
White walkers, blue eyes, and dead that rise after

And one controls an army, one lives in the streets
And one sits at home and dreams
Of a raven with three eyes,
bad omens, so you can’t sleep at night
The other sees her father’s head on a pike

And if the temp drops, til the people see their breath
Know the banner never fell, when the winter claimed his death
Lord Stark was a man who left a legacy
But the winter fell too soon, so now he’s just a memory


Verse 2:
And so I wouldn’t worry, the price that war’s incurring
Because a Lannister always settles their debts
With a boy who slays kings, and a queen that breeds monsters
A little prince sleeping with whores inside his bed

It’s a dirty business, though crowns is on their heads
And gold is in their hair, and silver is in their safe
With an army of lions and fire that lights the sky
Until all you see is blood red staring back in your face

[cash rules everything around these kings]

Sleep in the west with something heavy on your chest
As the prince who became a king has a secret we can’t confess
And so he rules with a stern fist, merciless
A hound at his side, to do his dirty biz…

Pročitaj još

House of Lannister, riches from your wildest dreams
Double cross to keep succession of a king
And those pretty faces hide the ugly that’s beneath the red keep


Verse 3:

Two Left from the house that bound together
The seven kingdoms, a mad king just laughing
A brother and sister, trying to return
To the place so they could reclaim their right to fire and blood

Dragonborn, who could walk through the flames
And survive, to come to lead the Dothraki to war
Who dabble in blood magic, crossing the narrow sea
Who struggle to see the rise of the dragons once more

Can’t escape the Baratheon spies,
Can’t mistake silver hair and blue eyes
Can’t control all the tribes in the wild,
And so a queen rose to take her place at the side
of a warrior king

Where gold crowns are death, and the dirt is their beds
To the victors go the spoils in the evilest ways
Cuz overseas there’s a force rising up
And every house has war on its breath
cuz that’s the name of the game


When the winter comes…

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